When people talk about Mental Health, they are either “In” or “Out” with regards to discussing it.

Those who wish to hide their heads in the sand are only fooling themselves. The more people talk about this subject the better we can combat it.

It’s good to talk, I encourage people to talk about their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This is why I foundered Group Hug App, A Social Enterprise, Powered by Volunteers and Here to Free Your Mind

Mental health survivor, smashed depression, moved from the City to the countryside and now want to bring an app to allow people who need to talk about life’s issues through a network of volunteers.

It's good to talk and the more we talk about mental health the better people understand the benefits.

Jonathan Andrew GreenwoodFounder of Group Hug App - Mental Health Advocate

It's good to talk about Mental Health. People should reach out, ask for help and speak to people.
There are good people in life who will be there for you when times are not good.
This is why Group Hug App was created, to offer a place where people can go and free their mind.

Jonathan Andrew GreenwoodFounder of Group Hug App
Jonathan Andrew Greenwood

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