Help 4 Farmers

Founder Victoria Dimond

The first Group Hug was founded by Victoria Dimond.

Designed to offer a service to the farming community, Victoria knows all too well what it’s like to experience loneliness, anxiety and depression herself.

A survivor of Mental Health and now a Mental Health advocate, Victoria is more determined to help and share her experience with other farmers in the same situation.

I admire anyone who can survive Mental Health issues and want to help others. Victoria is like a clone of me, her drive and ambition to help others sometimes outweighs her own requirements.

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Ex Service Core

Founder Kevin Hatfield

Living in the heart of Wensleydale in the town of Hawes, Kevin Hatfield brings to you Ex Service Core.

Experienced in helping a few ex military personnel to settle into the community, Kevin wants to use Group Hug to do just that.

The service is open to all armed forces and the door is open for anyone experiencing difficulties just settling in and living a normal civilian life.

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Peggy’s Ear

Founder Alison Field

Peggy’s Ear is is designed to offer a service based around the subject of anxiety and Menopause.

Named after her late mother Peggy, Alison wants to create a Group Hug to share her valuable life experience.

Living with Anxiety and Menopause can be a difficult time for all the family, that’s why this service is on offer not only for women, but men or other family members.

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Friends Of Cancer – Yorkshire

Founder Jonathan Greenwood

This one’s on me, going back to 2012 when my father died of Cancer, I’ve always thought there’s a requirement to have a place for people to go and talk.

Friends of Cancer is exactly what it says. It’s a friend to someone with cancer or a friend to someone who has a friend with cancer.

Cancer is an awful disease and the more help we can share the better. When it comes to dealing with this subject there are no books or manuals, you simply need to learn quickly and this can be traumatic.

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Lets Talk Family

Founder Cat Dean

Cat Dean is a wife and mother and keen to help share the trials and tribulations of just that – Family Life.

Lets Talk Family is here to offer a sounding board for anyone experiencing issues with every day life relating to family, from parenting to adulthood.

Parenting can be difficult and once again, there’s no manual or book available, we all learn the hard way.

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Fear No Fear

Founder Sally Shillingford

Living in fear can be soul destroying. Sally Shillingford wants to use Group Hug App to help share her own experiences of living in fear.

Born and bred in the Black Country, Sally wants to offer this Group Hug to specifically people living in the Black Country.

Fear No Fear will offer a service to help with people struggling and living in fear and anxiety.

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