Group Hug as an App


We are working on developing an app called Group Hug and have plans to create a franchise model to offer the concept to charities. This is an interesting and potentially impactful initiative and will help us achieve a footprint in many countries. Developing an app and then franchising the concept to charities can provide a scalable and sustainable way to spread the benefits of the Group Hug concept.


The success of the Group Hug App franchise will depend on careful planning, effective collaboration, and a commitment to providing value to the charities you work with, here are few things we strive to do…


Software Partner Collaboration:

A strong collaboration with our software partner. We are in regular communication, updates, and testing phases are crucial to ensure that the app meets the required standards and functionalities.


Testing and Use-Case Validation:

Thorough testing and validation are crucial before launching the app and creating a franchise model. Ensure that the app addresses the needs of the users and charities effectively.


Selection of Charities:

When selecting charities to offer the Group Hug concept, we consider factors such as their mission alignment, capability to manage the service, and the potential impact the app can have on their operations.


Marketing and Branding:

To develop a strong marketing and branding strategy to promote the Group Hug concept and attract potential charities interested in adopting the app. Clearly communicate the benefits and impact of the app for charities and their causes. Secure IP through trademark registrations.



We are planning for scalability as we expand the franchise model to reach more charities. Planning how the app and franchise structure can adapt to different regions or types of charities.