Me with Vina

Hello, I’m Jonathan the founder of Group Hug App, an enterprise for social good.

A survivor of depression and anxiety and now a Mental Health advocate.

I know all to well whats it like when you want to talk to someone but you can’t, let alone talk straight away.

So I decided to create Group Hug, an App to free your mind.

The concept is simple, Group Hug is run by volunteers, people like you and me,  who want to help others out with an area they have real life experience in.

Just look for a Group,  see if its open and request a chat.

All chats are private and confidential and you can chat about anything** you like. The idea is to offload and get it off your chest.

The Yorkshire Dales

My research and experience shows, people prefer talking to a complete stranger vs a family member or a friend, this is why I created Group Hug App.

When you come to Group Hug, you will chat to a volunteer. The volunteer will be someone who has life experience with the topic the Group covers.

They are not counsellors, professionals or advisors. A volunteer is a normal everyday person (a lay person), just like you and me, offering their free time to chat to you and release some pressure.

If required we will help point you in the right direction, this could be anything from recommending you talk to a professional or seek help from a list of websites relating to the Group topic or offering lists of private professionals who could help.

Wenslydale in the Yorkshire Dales

Prime Minister’s Recognition

I received a Point of Light Award from Prime Minister Boris Johnson for my commitment to Volunteering and development of Group Hug 

In a personal letter to Jonathan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was inspired to hear about how you have used your software skills to develop the ‘Group Hug’ app. At a time when people are unable to hug their loved ones physically, it is wonderful that you are holding them together in the digital world.

“You have created a supportive space for individuals to talk informally with volunteers about their mental health concerns. It is more important than ever that people feel able to speak out and connect with others.

“On top of this, you have found time to deliver over 1,800 bags of treats to those in need and to those serving on the front line. You are a true Point of Light in your community!”