“We Will Meet Again”
Goody Bags for a Much Needed Mental Health Boost


“We Will Meet Again” Project was started to give a boost to the community of Wensleydale, Coverdale, Bishopdale, Swaledale and Arkengarthdale.

Project – Stats – 2020

  • 1827 Paper Bags
  • 1250 Litres of Home Farmer Milk (or 1.25 Tons)
  • 10080 Eggs from Manor Farm Eggs – Thirsk
  • 20000 Chocolates and Sweets
  • 18270 Biscuits
  • 15000 Raffle Tickets
  • 1827 Richmondshire Today Magazines https://www.richmondshiretoday.co.uk/
  • 800 Kinsley Klarion – Johnson Racing Magazines
  • 1827 Post Cards
  • 1027 Hardwood Love Hearts
  • 800 Send a Hug – Swing Tags
  • 110 Heart Shaped Swaledale Cheeses https://swaledalecheese.co.uk
  • 140 Shepherds Purse Cheese https://www.shepherdspurse.co.uk
  • 1827 Home Printed Booklets
  • 1827 Garden Room Tennants Vouchers
  • 1000 Garden Rooms Post cards
  • 1827 Jonas Centre Post Cards and Flyers
  • 600 Wrapped Whitakers Chocolates
  • 2 boxes of Biscuits from CressCo
  • 2 Bags of Handmade Chocolates from Cottage in the Dales https://www.cottageinthedales.co.uk/

Prime Minister’s Recognition

Jonathan Greenwood was awarded a Point of Light Award from Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his commitment to Volunteering and development of Group Hug


In a personal letter to Jonathan, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was inspired to hear about how you have used your software skills to develop the ‘Group Hug’ app. At a time when people are unable to hug their loved ones physically, it is wonderful that you are holding them together in the digital world.

“You have created a supportive space for individuals to talk informally with volunteers about their mental health concerns. It is more important than ever that people feel able to speak out and connect with others.

“On top of this, you have found time to deliver over 1,800 bags of treats to those in need and to those serving on the front line. You are a true Point of Light in your community!”


Nourish Yourself

Eat Well – To get us all on the path to better mental health, let’s start with the basics. What fuels your body, fuels your mind. Give it the right stuff at the right time and you give yourself the best chance for a happy, healthy life.

Get Outside

Walk – it’s as simple as that. Even five minutes every day to breathe some fresh air can make a huge difference. There’s something endlessly comforting in the reliability of nature. It’s a daily reminder that no matter what storm is raging, you can always step outside and breathe. Like a buoy in a turbulent sea, there will always be something familiar and constant outside your door to help ground you.


Express yourself – whatever you are feeling, whoever you are missing, write it down and share it. Make a call, send a text, write a letter, stick a post-it on the fridge! However you want to communicate, get it out of your head and tell someone that you love how you are feeling. Good, bad or ugly – all your feelings are valid and sharing them with someone you love and trust will lighten your emotional load.

Slow down

Cocoon – if you need comfort, allow yourself to experience it. Wear your softest clothes, wrap yourself up in a blanket, make your favourite drink and let yourself feel safe and secure. No apologies, no looming to-do lists, no agenda. Treat yourself how you would treat a scared child. Sometimes we all need to curl up and wait for the storm to pass. To retreat is not a defeat.


Treat yourself – too often, our adult lives are driven by efficiency, value or need. We live by someone else’s rhythms, constantly striving for the next goal. It’s vital to take time to listen to our own voice, notice what we are craving and give ourselves credit for what we are doing. Recognising that we are doing the best we can with what we have and rewarding that effort is good for the soul. Whatever it is that makes you happy, treat yourself. No guilt necessary.