‘Dear Vina’

Write a Letter and Free Your Mind

A nationwide service, Dear Vina is here to bring back conversation through good, old-fashioned letter writing. Simply write a letter and free your mind.
Receive a friendly, handwritten personal letter in response - include a stamped, self addressed envelope.
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£2000.00 - Dales Divas - Midsummer Carnival

Group Hug has been chosen as one of the Dales Diva fund partners for the Midsummer Carnival.

On the 18th June 2022, the Dales Divas put on a carnival like no other at Tennants in Leyburn. It was supported by like minded businesses and people who partied the night away.
The Dales Divas is a group of ladies raising money for a range of charities and good causes.
Thank you to the Dales Divas team, their sponsors and everyone who attended the evening.

#dalesdivas #openarmsformentalhealth #dearvina


£5729.79 - Co-op Local Community Fund

Group Hug has been chosen as one of the Co-Op’s local community fund partners for the Leyburn store.

When members buy selected Co-op branded goods, Group Hug receives 1p in every £1.00 spent. Please sign up or login in and chose Group Hug as your local community fund.
Go To Co-op Website - Cause 47021

#itswhatwedo #openarmsformentalhealth


Nourish Yourself

Eat Well – To get us all on the path to better mental health, let’s start with the basics. What fuels your body, fuels your mind. Give it the right stuff at the right time and you give yourself the best chance for a happy, healthy life.

Get Outside

Walk – it’s as simple as that. Even five minutes every day to breathe some fresh air can make a huge difference. There’s something endlessly comforting in the reliability of nature. It’s a daily reminder that no matter what storm is raging, you can always step outside and breathe. Like a buoy in a turbulent sea, there will always be something familiar and constant outside your door to help ground you.


Express yourself – whatever you are feeling, whoever you are missing, write it down and share it. Make a call, send a text, write a letter, stick a post-it on the fridge! However you want to communicate, get it out of your head and tell someone that you love how you are feeling. Good, bad or ugly – all your feelings are valid and sharing them with someone you love and trust will lighten your emotional load.

Slow down

Cocoon – if you need comfort, allow yourself to experience it. Wear your softest clothes, wrap yourself up in a blanket, make your favourite drink and let yourself feel safe and secure. No apologies, no looming to-do lists, no agenda. Treat yourself how you would treat a scared child. Sometimes we all need to curl up and wait for the storm to pass. To retreat is not a defeat.


Treat yourself – too often, our adult lives are driven by efficiency, value or need. We live by someone else’s rhythms, constantly striving for the next goal. It’s vital to take time to listen to our own voice, notice what we are craving and give ourselves credit for what we are doing. Recognising that we are doing the best we can with what we have and rewarding that effort is good for the soul. Whatever it is that makes you happy, treat yourself. No guilt necessary.

Product Partners


We set out to find Product Partners and it wasn’t long before several entrepreneurial businesses came for ward with ideas of Group Hug Products.

Fund Raising Partners


These partners have gone out of their way to raise funds for Group Hug.

Send A Hug Partners


Our Send A Hug cards are proving very popular and are available in many partners businesses. You can find them in shops, pubs, restaurants, attractions, hotels, gift shops and cafes.

Committee Partners


We are looking for Committee Partners in all areas of the UK. Please get in touch if you would like to create a Committee.